A collection of training and help videos for teachers using Teams for Education.

Intro to Teams for Teachers
Taking Online Student Attendance in Teams
The Insights App, available in Teams, covers all bases.  It shows you when a student logged in and how long the student worked. It records attendance whether they attend a live class or watch the recorded lesson.  It will give you daily, weekly or monthly reports and you can export attendance information to Excel. 
Schedullng Class Meetings in Teams
This video shows you how to schedule you class meeting times for multiple days instead of scheduling one meeting at a time.
Recording Lessons in Teams (and Sharing the Video)
Using PowerPoint in Teams
Using Microsoft Whiteboard with Teams
You can download and install Microsoft Whiteboard on your computer and then open it in Teams to have a great interactive whiteboard for teaching.  Try using a stylus on your laptop's touchpad to write or draw.
Creating Assignments in Teams
Creating Quizzes in Teams
Using Microsoft Forms for Interactive Assignments in Teams
Using OneNote Class Notebook with Microsoft Teams. (what it is and how to use it)
Classroom Control