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ATTENTION: All students in grades 6-12


We are transitioning grade 6-12 classes to an online platform called TEAMS Classroom.  Students will have English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish classes on MWF and elective classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  Students can download the TEAMS app to phone, ipad, tablet or computer.


Schedule for MWF Online Classes.  All English, Math, Science, Social Studies classes will meet in Teams each week on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. 


Schedule for TTh Online Elective Classes - All classes other than those above.


  • ATTENTION 6-12 STUDENTS:  look at the above schedules carefully and note the times that your own online classes will meet.  Log into your school email and accept your teacher's invite to those classes. Let your teacher know if you don't receive an invite to join the meeting.  When it's time for the class to meet, log into Teams and click Join to join the meeting. 


  • JHHS Students:  You should continue to complete the assignments posted on the 6-12 instructional materials page or mailed to you. If you are expecting a mailed packet and did not receive one, contact Andy Gresham, Shane Smelley or Gina Gresham by email or call 936-326-4890.


  • We now have a dropbox set up outside the building, at the HS main entrance. Assignments can also be mailed, photographed or scanned with a phone app and emailed back to your teachers.  The foyer will continue to be locked for your safety and the safety of those continuing to work at the school.


If you have questions or issues, use your school email to contact your teacher.  As stated in the letter sent to your home, open your school email, click on New Message. When the new message window appears, Click in the To: box and type your teacher's last name.  His/her email address will appear in the list - select it and type your message, including a subject. You can also email your teachers from the website or message them in Teams.

We will still mail paper packets home to those without internet.  The District is working on providing more powerful internet service to the HS parking lot and possibly the elementary parking lot so that students with poor or no internet will have the option to stay in their cars and access online classes. If you DO NOT have access to the internet and need a printed packet mailed to you, please contact principal Andy Gresham, Assistant Principal Shane Smelley or Counselor Gina Gresham.  You can email them from your school email or click on their names at left.

Below are two videos that shows you TEAMS Classroom looks like to a student.   Please watch to familiarize yourself with TEAMS.


Microsoft Teams for Students

Microsoft TEAMS for Students