Cushing JH/HS Cross Country Team participates in Helping House 5K

helping house 5k

On Saturday, September 18, the JH/HS Cross Country team ran in The Helping House 5K. The Helping House is a private school and resource center for children on the autism spectrum. We choose to run this each year as a way to give back to our community. A 5K is 3.1 miles; this is what the high school boys run for every meet but the high school girls and junior high usually only run 2 miles. There were 197 participants. The results are as follows:


Jose Garcia – 2nd

Willie Deckard - 7th

Leighah Deckard – 9th

Lily Ham – 11th

Kaylei Downs – 13th

Lexie Nichols – 18th

Diana Garcia – 19th

Hank Wheeler – 22nd

Gabi Angelo – 24th

Judith Allen – 25th

Kodi Cole – 34th

Josh Hancock – 35th

Mackenzie Parker – 41st

Coach Cristin Crofford – 42nd

Claire Ham – 45th

Rayleigh Leutwyler – 68th

Zoe Gans – 69th

Lila Shaw – 81st

Emma Johnson – 89th

Camden Crofford – 130th

Kaylee Ham – 135th

Lexi Moore – 136th

cross country team
finish 2