Army Special Forces Trailer Visits Cushing HS

Student tries out parachute harness

Cushing CHS students enjoyed a visit from the Army Special Forces trailer on February 24th.  The Army Interactive Semi contains several hands-on activities that emulate the experience of a Special Operations Soldier in the field.  High school students were invited to tour the U.S. Army trailer and learn interesting facts about life in the Army Special Forces.  While following COVID guidelines, students could virtually parachute, stop an invasion of bugs through a simulator, and flew a helicopter through a simulator.  They also had the opportunity to view some of the equipment soldiers use such as typographical mapping technology, specialized clothing and gear, and advanced military weapons (Note: All weapons were replicas.)

The Mobile Exhibit Company is the Mission Support Battalion’s fleet of vehicles that
display Army exhibits. These vehicles include Interactive Semis, Adventure Semis, Adventure Trailers and the Army Extreme Truck.

Each vehicle is manned by a team of highly motivated noncommissioned officers, who daily connect Americans with their Army and enhance Army awareness among high school and college students.

Members of the Mobile Exhibit Company travel a collective 750,000 miles across the
United States for ten months a year, supporting over 600 events for the U.S. Army
Training and Doctrine Command, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, and the U.S. Army Cadet Command.