Maintenance & Transportation

Andy Gresham - Director of Facilities & Operations - in charge of Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance and Transportation
All Integrative Pest Management IPM activity at our campuses will take place on the first weekend of each month.



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Maintenance & Transportation Staff

Brian Bowens          Custodial

Derrion Bowens      Custodial

Susana Lopez         Custodial

Melvin Simon          Custodial    

Judy Sprayberry     Custodial

Earthell Tutt, Jr       Custodial

Robert Tyer          Custodial


Jared Perkins.        Maintenance

Terri Jo Pruitt         Bus Driver Route 1

           Bus Driver Route 2

Chris Castleberry Bus Driver Route 3

Shane Smelley Bus Driver Route 4

Joe Kerr                 Bus Driver Route 5

Robin Upshaw  Bus Driver Route 6