Maintenance & Transportation

Andy Gresham - Director of Facilities & Operations - in charge of Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance and Transportation
All Integrative Pest Management IPM activity at our campuses will take place on the first weekend of each month.



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Maintenance & Transportation Staff

Brian Bowens          Custodial

Derrion Bowens      Custodial

Susana Lopez         Custodial

Melvin Simon          Custodial    

Judy Sprayberry     Custodial

Earthell Tutt, Jr       Custodial

Robert Tyer          Custodial

Terri Jo Pruitt         Bus Driver Route 1

Jason Davis           Bus Driver Route 2

Chris Castleberry Bus Driver Route 3

Shane Smelley Bus Driver Route 4

Joe Kerr                 Bus Driver Route 5

Robin Upshaw  Bus Driver Route 6